Monday, February 13, 2012

The Lumberjack

A couple of years ago my wife found out that she had a pretty high intolerance to eggs, which is crushing news because practically everything good is made with eggs. Cookies, brownies, almost anything fried...and oh yeah, omelets.

Two years later that means my wife's diet is pretty healthy, and we never go out to breakfast anymore. Why would we, there isn't much she can eat on the ol' morning menu after all. However, for reasons that I don't fully understand myself, we went to the Lake Murray Cafe this morning for brunch. She actually ordered off of the lunch menu and I had something called the Lumberjack.

3 eggs, 3 sausage links, 4 strips of bacon, hash browns and 3 buttermilk pancakes. Apparently the name "Heart Stopper" was already taken.

My theory was I hadn't had a proper egg breakfast in 2 years, and there is no telling when an opportunity like this might present itself again so I had better store some away for the winter. I'm happy/embarrassed to say I took that lumberjack down. In fact, he didn't stand a chance.

Big tree fall hard.


  1. Well done Johnny Lumberjack! Since you can handle their meal, maybe you're missing your calling for chopping down trees and entering the competitive lumberjack circuit? You probably look great in plaid, but I don't know your ability to grow a gnarly beard.

  2. A neck beard, no problem. Elsewhere is a little suspect sadly.