Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Boom

A baby boom is generally defined as a time when the number of annual births exceeds 2% of the total population size. From 1946 to 1964, 78.3 million babies were born in the United States...that qualifies as a baby boom.

Apply that same equation to my group of friends and guess what...we've got another baby boom. Maybe it's just because I'm at that age or maybe it's something in the water, but it sure seems like there are a lot of new babies laying around these days.

Ainsley Clarke is one of the newest. My friends Trevor and Kristen welcomed little Ainsley into the world 3 weeks ago today, so naturally we celebrated with some dinner at their house tonight.

I've learned a couple things about newborn babies over the last few months watching my friends with their new kids, but one thing stands out. Apparently newborn's don't sleep all that much...which begs the question, who the hell came up with the saying "I slept like a baby". Obviously it wasn't a parent, because all the parents I've seen look like 3rd year medical students working their residency.

Seriously, they all have that same glazed-over-I-haven't-slept-in-a-month look. It's like they're auditioning for the Thriller video remake or something. And they all say the same thing...they knew they wouldn't get a lot of sleep but non of them thought it would be like this.

Of course they also all say something else as well. They all say it's the most amazing thing ever...then they usually nod off for a second when you're holding the baby.


  1. (Mozdir) You're next kiddo. (We have Jack-2 and are having bebe #2 this November.) You hit the nail on the head. It's the hardest job we have ever had. But your heart swells when your offspring first smiles at you... or wraps their chubby digits around your neck and declares, "I wub you Mama!". The first 3 months are rough. You sleep in 20mn increments and are dazed to the point of stupidity. You wear the same clothes, you look as if you're suffering malaria. (Moms feel like Guernsey cows.) But after you've burnt up on re-entry, it's the most awe inspiring thing you may do in your natural life. Have a kid John, you will make a good dad. Cheers~Sara

  2. I love babies! I work at a daycare center with babies. In my free time I also love to babysit.

  3. I love the line, "...after you've burnt up on re-entry, it's the most awe inspiring thing you may do in your natural life." Classic...and congrats on number two. Hell, congrats on number one as well.