Monday, March 8, 2010


Notice anything a little..."off" about this picture? Me too. So I did a little research online.

Turns out it would cost you anywhere from $26 (shipping included) for you to outfit your truck with the standard flesh colored Truck Nutz...and up to $48 (again, shipping included) for the more exotic Titanium Blue Plated Nutz.

In the interest of consumer awareness, neither of those prices include what it would cost you in terms of your dignity.

Still, that's a lot of money to spend just to tell everyone you have a small dinkus.

What I really have trouble wrapping my head around is why any women, anywhere, would ever ride in a truck with that kind of decoration. It happens all the time too, just spend a week in Arizona if you don't believe me.

So in the interest of open mindedness and acceptance, I would ask anyone reading this to please re-post it to your blog, or facebook page, or twitter account, or whatever it is you have...and keep posting it until it lands in front of someone who can answer the very complicated question of why.

Remember, this is for posterity, so try to be honest.


  1. I saw that truck too. Oh so KLASSY. I am grateful, however, that the boys did not notice the appendage - because, like you, I cannot explain WHY a grown man would have a pair of nuts hanging off his car. Eeeew.

  2. I just wonder why it's that socially accepted, really. I don't see women driving around with their nether-regions hanging from their rear view mirrors...

    Although, it would be a great experiment to see those reactions, don't you think? *evil grin*

  3. Evil grin or not I think the highway patrol would have a problem with that...too many accidents.

  4. I bought a pair or truck nutz last year for a white elephant gift exchange. Found a nice large pair of blue nutz for under $20 including shipping. There are deals out there.