Sunday, March 14, 2010

That's Aggressive

There are days when I struggle to come up with a good picture of the was not one of them. In fact, considering that I went to my first Pro Bull Riding event tonight, the question was not if I could come up with a good picture today...but which awesome pic I would end up using.

After some careful thought...and to be honest a little soul searching...I landed on this beauty. I mean it's not everyday you come across a couple wearing floor length Chinchilla coats in San Diego.

When I saw these guys in the airport my first thought was New York...these two had to be from New York. Man was I wrong. Turns out they are from Houston on their way to Tahoe, via San Diego.

I have no idea if the coats were real or not, but it was pretty obvious that they were real aggressive. I just kept hearing the "Bud Light Real Men of Genius: Mr. Male Fur Coat Wearer" song echoing through my head.

For a look that's half street pimp, half Aunt Esther, and full of furtastic...I salute you sir.

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