Sunday, March 14, 2010


We televised our first spring training game today on Channel 4, a 5-3 Padres victory over the Cleveland Indians. As part of the broadcast I watched the game from the dugout and interviewed players and coaches and front office types in between innings.

It has got to be the sweetest gig in Arizona.

Watching a big league game (even a spring training game) in a big league dugout is incredible. You hear all the conversations, all the cussing and all the jokes. It is the ultimate "fly on the wall" experience.

The really special part though was hanging with the Sonic Dog and Tatter Tot. Just a couple every day guys dressed like giant pieces fast food. There was a Shake too but he was a total prima donna so I made him take the photo.

In actuality these guys were part of the grounds crew and had to put down their rakes and wire mesh thingies for a half inning in the name of branding. Hey, I get it, it was a TV game...gotta pull out all the stops.

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  1. What is the best joke
    that you heard when
    you were in the dugout?