Thursday, March 18, 2010

Matty V

Today was my last full day in the desert covering Spring Training for the Padres, and we saved the best for last. Today my camera man (actually my photo-journalist, they hate when we call them camera men) and I headed to Maryvale, AZ to meet up with our old friend Matt Vasgersian.

He was there covering the Brewers for MLB TV's 30 in 30 and was nice enough to talk about the N.L. West with us for Channel 4. That was the good news, the bad news is where he picked the Padres to finish. If you didn't see it on Channel 4, here's how Matty sees the division shaping up.

1st Giants
2nd Rockies
3rd Dodgers
4th Diamondbacks
5th Padres

After we stopped taping Matty looked at me and said, "Did I really just pick the Padres to finish last?" Ummmm...yeah you did. See the problem for Matty is not so much the Padres (he actually thinks they are going to be better this year then they were last), the problem is everyone else.

Let's not forget that the wild card came out of the N.L. West last year. That means it was a pretty good division...and he obviously thinks the Giants are improved, so that doesn't leave much room for the Friars.

There is a real tendency to get tunnel vision when you're around just one team as much as I am. I understand that, but I'm still going to choose to be a bit more optimistic. I'll pick the Padres to finish 4th, with a chance to challenge for 3rd place in the division.

Just one man's opinion.