Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Water the Flowers

One of my former co-workers, a girl named Argy, used to say it's important to "water the flowers" whenever she talked about relationships. She's Greek, so it turns out she wasn't actually talking about flowers, apparently it was a metaphor.

As she explained to me, the idea was that relationships (like flowers) need to be attended to from time to time or they risk drying up. Flowers need water...relationships need love.

Here's the really freaky part of the metaphor, it turns out that "watering the flowers" really can mean watering the flowers. My wife Megan LOVES flowers (of course she does...she's a girl) so from time to time I'll surprise her with some and our relationship doesn't dry up...just like Argy said.

You gotta hand it to the Greeks...great food, cool architecture and awesome metaphors.

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