Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Love Spring Training

I tell every baseball fan I know, "Go to Spring Training!" Even if you're only kind of a baseball fan...spring training is the best.

Now there are a lot of reasons to love Spring Training...the weather, accessibility, day baseball, the night life, chain restaurants...but for me the number one thing is getting together with the boys after a Channel 4 spring game. The reason it's great is because this is the only time of the year it happens...it's the only time it CAN happen. We get everybody there...Padres PR staff, the writers, the broadcasters and the crew. This year Matty V even made it out to the Fox and the Hound for a couple of pops.

It's great camaraderie for sure, but the stories are what make it awesome. You get that many guys with that much baseball experience in one room together and you hear some whoppers. Unfortunately I can't get into the details here, but like I said, that's why you need to come to Spring Training.

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  1. Totally agree!! I was able to make it out to 2 games this year and loved every second of it. Even saw Mark Grant at the Fox and Hound. It was a great couple of days.