Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Team Behind the Team

Back in 2002 when I first started at Channel 4, that was our slogan..."The team behind the Team". Not bad as far as slogans go, I mean it's no "Little, Yellow, Different"...but it gets the point across.

Well now that our slogan is "It's Time for Baseball", I figured I could re-purpose the old one. So that's what I did, meet the new Team behind the Team...our production staff. To be fair that's not the whole group, but it practically is. It really is amazing how much work this little crew does every night to get a 30 minute show on the air 5 days a week.

Obviously without them, there is no Postgame, and they hardly ever get any public recognition. Sure, I'll throw them a bone every once in awhile and let one of them pick up my dry cleaning, but as a whole they rarely get a public thank you.

So I figured now was as good as anytime to put it out there for everyone to hear...I like light starch on my collar.


  1. YEAH!! Love my Ch. 4 "Team-Behind-The-Team"!! :-)

  2. You were one of the originals, you should.