Saturday, February 13, 2010

Eat Your Heart out Gallagher

I remember seeing Gallagher and the Sledge-o-matic thing he does on TV as a kid. Something about a grown man hitting food with a giant hammer that appealed to me as a youngster...though I never had any aspirations of actually attending a show. Still don't, but I may have found the 2010 equivalent.

Point Break Live!

It's a live, interactive action play based on the Keanu Reeves classic "Point Break". Water, fake blood, suntan lotion and a couple other substances that I can't name here, go flying into the crowd on a regular basis. The coolest part is that each night the starring role of "Johnny Utah" is hand picked from the crowd, by the crowd.

Any guesses who played Johnny Utah last night?

This is the video of me auditioning for the role against a guy everyone called baghead. Needless to say my moxy carried me over the top. That and the sweet ninja role.

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