Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So this is Megan Kennedy, Trio to you and I.

You know her as the inspiration for my blog, I know her as one of the most caring, selfless, friendly, and most fun people I know. Trio is one of those people whose energy is contagious. She is always down for any adventure, be it a happy hour or a theme party or volunteering with kids.

Today was her birthday so we all met at the PB Ale House for some happy hour beers and food. Seeing as it was her special day, there were cards and gifts exchanged, but none of the gifts better then this bottle of Cougar Pinot Grigio.

It just goes to show that taste, aroma, and grape consistency can only take you so far in the world of wine, what you really need is a fun label and a cool name.

Check and check.

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