Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pizza Party

You know what the best part of Under-10 soccer was...the end of the year pizza party at Pizza Garden. Don't get me wrong, the "Coronado Strikers" were a good team and we won plenty of games, but there was just something about that year-ender at Pizza Garden that was magical.

Maybe it was the arcade style "Kung Fu" game and "Donkey Kong"? Maybe it was getting to watch one of our games on the big screen TV? Even though it looked like a prequel to "The Blair Witch Project", there was something very cool about seeing yourself on TV when you were only 9 yrs old. Maybe it was the pizza and the bottomless pitchers of Coke on every table?

Most likely it was all of the above.

Unfortunately the only part of that equation we had tonight at Channel 4 was the pizza. Good news is, that turned out to be enough.


  1. And now you can see yourself on tv ALL the time =)

  2. I always thought it was the TV thatput 10 lbs on me...maybe it's the pizza?