Friday, February 5, 2010

Picture Day

John Weisbarth posing for head shots
Remember picture day at school? It always seemed like such a hassle to me. You had to get all dressed up in your Sunday best (which meant recess was shot) and then pose in all these weird and terribly awkward positions. There is nothing comfortable about sitting sideways, turning your shoulders and tilting your chin at some off angle. Then they want you to look natural. Yeah right.

Turns out it doesn't get any easier when you're older. We took our Channel 4 head shots today and I swear I couldn't feel anymore awkward then I did. Nothing against the photographer, she did a great job, I'm just a total retard when it comes to posing.

Why can't I just stand there and smile? Instead I feel like I'm doing yoga moves and trying to "look natural".

Luckily for everyone involved I was able to fight through it. I don't like to throw the word hero around a lot...but you get my drift.

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