Sunday, February 28, 2010

The San Diego Starlettes

*Authors Note: Due to circumstances beyond my control (more on that later) I was unable to post a picture of the day photo you get two entries today.

You know how smart people with glasses always say things like, "It's not the's the journey"? Well there's a reason they always say things like that...they're smart.

Taking any and all religious undertones and dogma out of it, life's destination is death. So you better believe it's all about the journey, because once you reach the destination "Wally's World" is closed.

So in the interest of the journey, I did something I had never done before this weekend, I went to a Roller Derby Bout...and it was awesome!!! First things first, you'll notice it's called a bout and not a match. There's a good reason for that...these girls take a beating. The last time I went roller skating I couldn't sit down for a week afterwards because my tail bone was so sore...and I only fell down a couple of times. These girls were getting knocked to the ground left and right. Tough chicks for sure.

Clever ones too for that matter, the names they come up with are hilarious. Juno EscareMe, Marcy Slayground, Wonder Whoop'em, Michelle Otrama, The Real Slim Sk8dy. It's everything you would imagine it to be, plus 50%

Like I said it was awesome.

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