Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To the Victor go the Spoils

John after an hour massage
Jenny Cavnar and I go to the same chiropractor. Actually to be totally accurate, we go to the same chiropractors, they're a husband and wife team. One day before our show we were both at the chiropractors and Dr. Ron (he's the husband half of the duo) challenged us to use the word conundrum as many times as we could later that night on the air.

Pretty cool.

Then to make it interesting he said he would buy the winner an hour massage at the office.

Very cool.

The ground rules were simple. You had to say conundrum at least 5 times to qualify, whoever had the most after that was your winner. Dr. Ron would watch the show that night on Channel 4 and keep the official tally.

So who won? You tell me, doesn't that look like the face of a guy who just got an hour massage?


  1. Words like bragging are coming to mind. Oh--and liar. You failed to mention I also said the word 5 times. Hope you thought about that during your rub down

  2. If you said it 5 times and I said it 5 times, how come I was the one getting the "rub down"?