Monday, February 22, 2010 there something you're not telling me?

Times are tough and people's job security seems anything but secure this days. The unemployment rate in this country is more then 10%, and for those of us that have jobs there is the constant realization that we might be next.

There doesn't seem to be any industry immune to this recession and broadcasting is right up there with everything else. I mean if Conan O'Brien can lose his job...I can lose my job. So it's only human nature in times like these to look for signs from your employer that you are doing a good job...that they are happy with your performance and want to keep you around.

Sometimes those signs are literally a sign, like the 10ft high one in our office (a portion of which is seen above). Is it just me or is there something fishy about this picture? Either they're worried the mob is after me or it might be time to update that resume.

Anybody know how to write a cover letter?

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