Sunday, November 28, 2010

Facial Hair Formal

Has there ever been a more entertaining way to fight the battle against cancer? Probably...but we made a pretty good run at it anyway. The Facial Hair Formal was my first attempt at throwing a charity event and I am happy to say that, while it was a modest first go, it was successful.

For that I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my team of John Spriet, Brain Kim and Brian Jouan. Without those guys this event simply would not have happened...thank you gentlemen. Of course the other key to an event like this is actually having people show up. Without them, there might still be an event, it just wouldn't be a very successful one.

The group that we had on Saturday night was awesome. Everybody got it! There were great costumes, fantastic mustaches and the perfect attitude for our event. I had so much fun and I owe that to everyone who showed up on Saturday. Thank you guys, it really, truly meant the world to me.

Oh yeah, we even raised some money this year...$1,017 to be exact. Not too shabby.

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