Thursday, November 25, 2010

The More Things Change...

The two biggest social nights in my hometown are the 3rd of July and the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It's pretty easy to guess why, everyone is in town and everyone is looking for something to do. That "something" usually turns out to be hitting the local bar scene for an unofficial all-class reunion.

The thing is, we're not 25 anymore. Not even close.

Look I have no problem with hitting the local bar scene on these big nights, no problem except that I would rather go over to a friends house and get together with the handful of people I really want to see in the first place. So that's what we did this year...for a few hours.

By 10:30 most of us had decided it might be fun to hit the bars, and you know what...we were right. The thing about only getting together with close friends is that you miss out on that random encounter with someone you haven't seen in a long time but are genuinely stoked to see. That's the best part of those two nights anyway, the random encounter.

Sure we're not 25 anymore, but maybe that's why it's more important then ever for us to get to the bars two nights out of the year.

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