Thursday, November 4, 2010

Western Metal Concert Series

Normally I wouldn't be that excited about a picture of a stage being set up at PETCO Park, but tonight is different.

How might you ask? It's different because tomorrow night I'll be taking a picture from a hell of a lot closer then tonight's.

The Padres are hosting the first of two Western Metal Concerts, with Colby Caillat and Jewel performing tomorrow night...and Megan and I are sitting 5th row, center stage. Sure, it's not exactly U2, but I am fired up for the show.

So fired up in fact that I took a picture of a stage being built.


  1. Wow, I forgot I had tickets to tonight's show until I read your blog! Then I had to dig around through old emails, credit card statements, and the Padres website to find that yes indeed I did buy 2 tickets.
    We're sitting 12 row center (A2, row 12). Try not to let your big head get in my way of seeing those lovely songbirds on stage!
    Wanna meet up for a drink before/after/during?

  2. I sat in the 2nd row at the Rascal Flatts concert!! :)