Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Man

So my buddy Wren turned one this weekend. Actually, that's not true, but we celebrated it this weekend.

Now depending on what you are talking about a year can be a long time, or a relatively short time. I mean a year is a long time to hold your breathe but it's not that long in the life span of a giant sequoia. I bring this up because a year IS a long time in the development of a baby. Not being a parent myself this isn't something that I intrinsically feel just yet...but I can see it.

When Wren turned 4 days out, I took that picture of him and his Dad Brendan. Brendan looks the same (accept for the creepy sideburns)...Wren doesn't even look related to the baby in that picture. It's just crazy for me to see how much Wren has changed. Sure he's still a baby...but he's not baby.

Does that make sense?


  1. I'm commenting!

    Dude- you have some dirt on your upper lip. Go take a shower.

  2. That's sweet of you to say, but I can't even see my 'stache when I blow the picture up.

    Thanks for the comment.