Monday, November 1, 2010

Best Costume Ever!

Apparently Antonio Gates and the Chargers decided to dress up as an NFL team for Halloween this year.

Or maybe they went as the 2009 Chargers.

Whatever the case, they won a football game against a tough Tennessee Titans football team today. To be fair, the Bolts tried to give this one away with some more special teams gaffs, but in the end they made one more play then the Titans did and it earned them a win.

For his part Antonio Gates was a total stud. Shocker, I know. Playing on two bad feet and a tender hamstring Gates caught 5 balls for 123 yards and a touchdown. Not bad for a guy that had to go to the locker room twice during the game to get "re-tapped".

The only bad part is that other then the people who were at the stadium today, no one else in San Diego got to see his gutty performance. Good thing I'm here to tell you about it.

And while we're handing out game balls, Phillip Rivers and Norv Turner get one too.

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