Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gone Further for Less

The California Department of Motor Vehicles generally discourages motorists from driving in the rain unless they really need to. So while I definitely wasn't breaking any laws Saturday I'm not sure the DMV would have totally approved of our road trip to San Clemente to buy a new surfboard.

I don't care...Megan and I went anyway.

My buddy Nick works for Rip Curl, which affords him certain perks when it comes to purchasing merchandise. Perks that he is generous enough to pass along to hacks like me every once-in-awhile. So when he said he could sell me a brand new 9'0 Walden Magic Model with an EPS high density core and carbon fiber rails at cost...the wifey and I made plans for a roadie.

Sure I could have waited a few days and driven up when it wasn't raining, but then again, no I couldn't. I don't know if it's the time of year, with Christmas right around the corner, or that I'm just a big kid who can't wait to get his hands on a new toy, but there was no thought of waiting for the storm to pass.

I'm happy to report that the trip went off without a hitch, and that other then the board getting a little wet on the ride home (which I'm told is okay for surfboards), everything went as planned.

Thanks Nick.

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