Sunday, September 12, 2010


September 11th will always be a weird date for me. Not because I knew anybody that died that day in NYC or at the Pentagon or on United Flight 93, but because for any American that is old enough to remember what that day was like in 2001, you know that was the day when everything changed.

So here we are 9 years later, still fighting a conventional war in 2 countries overseas and constantly battling an enemy in our own country that we can't easily identify...and I went to a baseball game. The thing is, I don't feel guilty about it, it just felt a little weird...but only a little.

In a lot of ways going to a baseball game is the perfect thing to do on 9/11. Not only is baseball synonymous with America but it also played a big part in helping our country move forward in the wake of those terrible events nearly a decade ago. Who can forget the World Series that year? Even though the Yankees eventually lost to the Diamondbacks in 7 games...New York as a city won that year. America won that year. Baseball helped a lot of people take that first step towards recovery...towards normalcy. All the while urging people never to forget, but reminding them that we had to move forward.

So now that I think about, I don't fell weird about going to baseball game on September 11th at all. In fact, I think I just made plans for next year.

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