Tuesday, September 14, 2010

iPhone...iDon't think so

So I got a new phone last week and as you can tell from the picture, it looks like an iPhone but that little Verizon symbol at the top let's you know that it's not. It's actually Verizon's newest Android based phone, the Samsung Fascinate.

Stupid name but a good phone...at least so far.

I've literally had it less then a week and am still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles, but so far I've only been able to find one major discrepancy between the iPhone and my Android. My phone hasn't dropped a single call yet.

Don't get me wrong, that's not a dig on the iPhone. I love Apple and I love all the products that they continue to roll out. In fact I'm typing this on my MacBook Pro...so I'm cool with Apple. I am not cool with AT&T. Nothing personal, I just think there service and coverage suck.

My wife has an iPhone. She loves the phone...hates the service. That seems to be the battle cry of just about every iPhone user that I know. That's why I went with the Android, because at the most basic level I still believe its important for my phone to work as a phone.

The bar code scanner is pretty cool though.


  1. As a iPhone user since day 1 and an AT&T user since well before the Cingular days, I couldn't agree more, especially with your wife. If iPhone does eventually go to Verizon, say good-bye to AT&T.

  2. Love the iPhone hate AT&T but I gotta have the . I'm actually still rockin the 3G so I'm waiting till the white one comes out. GO PADRES!

  3. You mean Verizon didn't get the Iphone? I thought we had an inside scoop too:)

  4. First, congrats on getting the Fascinate. It has received good reviews. I just switched over from AT&T to Sprint, and I got the htc EVO...the phone is awesome. I've had it since last Friday.
    Second, I've been with Pac Wireless-Cingular-AT&T since 2000. They're coverage had always been great, until the iPhone came along. AT&T and Apple did not think the iPhone would take off like it did, and AT&T's network wasn't ready for it. If it had launched on Verizon first instead of AT&T, the same coverage and dropped calls issues would have likely happened. By the way, it also doesn't help that AT&T sells off parts of its bandwidth to T-Mobile, Cricket, and other small carriers...which leaves AT&T users with less bandwidth...which creates more coverage issues. AT&T promises that they're improving their network, but we probably won't see those changes until 2012 at the earliest.
    Sprint has really improved their network in San Diego. It used to SUCK big time. Sprint 4G will be in San Diego in Q1 2011, and I can't wait!