Sunday, September 12, 2010

BK's Wedding

A good buddy of mine (and one of the most talented people I know) got married on Friday on the 15th floor of Diamond View Towers overlooking PETCO Park. It's a great venue and the wedding was beautiful but what really makes an event like that for me is the people...and we had a good group.

First off, both the bride and the groom had awesome families (except for the thing about them all being huge Giants fans) which always makes a wedding better. Secondly, Sam the Cooking Guy was the wedding officiant...which also always makes a wedding better. The best part however was what Brian and Brook did for the ceremony. It sounds simple, and possibly not all that cool, but they told the story of how this wedding came to be...from first meeting to proposal, and they did it in their words. The thing is, the give and take between them and the comedic timing of the story was perfect. Then you throw in all the love that was surrounding, add in a pinch of booze and what you've got is one kick-ass wedding.

Except for all the Giants fans I mean.

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