Friday, September 3, 2010

Manager of the Year?

San Diego Padres Manager Buddy Black with John Weisbarth

I realize that after 8 straight loses my timing might be a little off but that doesn't change the fact that I believe Buddy Black is a strong candidate for N.L. Manager of the Year. At the very least he has to be in the conversation...he's done way too much with way too little not to be.

Let's not forget that the Padres are leading the National League West with a team payroll that is right at the bottom of the Majors. He's also helped lead this team to 7 straight months of winning other team in the National League has done that and the Yankees are the only other team in baseball to equal that feat. Buddy gets more out of his players then any manager I've seen in my nearly ten years of covering Major League baseball.

The reason...he has a great attitude. He's positive, encouraging and a likable guy...but when he has to be he can lay down the law. The key is he knows how to walk that tight rope.

Sure I'm biased, but the numbers speak for themselves. Too bad I don't get a vote.

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