Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Same Time Tomorrow?

So after dropping 10 straight contests, in a row, consecutively...the Padres were finally able to right the ship tonight with a gutsy-everybody-contributes type win. They used 7 different pitchers, got RBI's from Nick Hundley (2), Will Venable (1) and David Eckstien (1), and had a couple of great defensive plays from Miguel Tejada and Mike Adams.

But when I say gutsy-everybody-contributes type win, I mean everybody...even you. I don't know what you did tonight between 7:05 and 10:07, but please to it again on Tuesday. Baseball is a superstitious game and whether or not what you did tonight really had any baring at all on the outcome of the game is not for me to say...but I do know that doing the same thing tomorrow certainly isn't going to hurt!

If you grilled tonight then you better get to the store and buy more charcoal for tomorrow. If you drank a Mickey's 40 tonight, then call up Snoop Dog and get ready to do it again tomorrow. And if you were like my friend Zayna and her Dad and my dance partner Shanna and her Dad and boyfriend then it looks like you've got plans for tomorrow night too.

Great win...now let's do it 9 more straight times, in a row, consecutively.


  1. I was at the game, and I'll be wearing the same thing to tonight's game (Hoffman away jersey & dark jeans)! Last night was for fun with some out-of-towners, and tonight is for work...but I'll turn it into fun! We'll be in one of the suites if you want to stop by during the game.
    Go Pads!

  2. Just like the guy above, I'll be wearing the same thing I wore yesterday. I went to the game yesterday and will do so today! I'm sitting in the same seats and will be eating the same thing. I just hope I don't offend the people next to me with the stench! LOL!!

  3. Well done boys, you got us another "W". Are you up for three in a row?