Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Doing My Part

For the second year in a row I took part in the United Cerebral Palsy celebrity waiter event in Coronado, and let me tell you charity work has never been more rewarding. Of course I am talking about the good work we do for UCP of San Diego...but there are at least two other perks that help put a smile on my face.

At this event there are always two types of celebrities. There are the actually "I've been on national TV and people know who I am" type celebrities, and then there are people like me. Sometimes people like me get a kick out of posing for a picture with people like them. Case in point, my picture for today.

The blond on the left is an actress from "The Young and the Restless", and admittedly I had no idea who she was. The brunette on the other hand was strangely familiar...but I couldn't quite place her at first. Then it hit me all of a's Heidi from Tool Time. Remember the Tim Allen show "Home Improvement"...that's the girl who replaced Pam Anderson. Her real name is Debbe Dunning and apparently she lives her in San Diego, and she couldn't be nicer.

She's also a hell of a waitress...seriously. She worked harder then anybody at that event clearing plates and making sure everybody had enough creme brulee. I guess it makes sense, there's not an actor or actress in all of Hollywood that doesn't know their way around a restaurant.

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