Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are You Ready for some Football?

So with the NFL season officially upon us Channel 4 slowly starts the transition from "The Padres station" to "The Padres and the rest of the San Diego Sports teams station". Hopefully someone in marketing can come up with a succinct then that...but you get the picture.

With the Chargers opening on the road on national television against the Chiefs, I headed out to Chargers Park to talk to our Bolts expert and Union-Tribune beat writer Kevin Acee (he's the one on the end). Usually by this time of the year I am dying for the Chargers to start but this year I'm not quite ready yet. I'm still really into the Padres and really hoping they can hang on and take this division...though that is looking scarier everyday.

That said, I'm sure come Monday Night I'll be dividing my attention between the Padres and Chargers games pretty equally...maybe even 60/40 Bolts.

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