Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weisbarth Family Recipe

Like most guys, for a long time the only meal I knew how to make was spaghetti. Then Sam the Cooking Guy came along and now I feel like I can make almost anything, but I still like to get back to my roots every once in awhile.

Of course, like any good family recipe I've added my own touches to the Weisbarth Famous Spaghetti plate over the years. Instead of ground beef, I use ground turkey...I replaced the standard noodles with whole wheat spaghetti...and the cilantro on top definitely didn't come from the old country.

So with the Padres off last night and a full schedule of prime time TV on the books, the wife and I enjoyed a nice dinner and a relaxing evening on the couch. Pretty nice start to the work week if I don't say so myself...I mean if you actually worked on Monday.


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