Thursday, September 2, 2010


I owe Jenny Cavnar one.

I say that because she was the one who introduced me to Sarah Fink. They both went to Colorado State together (apparently neither of them was smart enough to get into a University...but I hear state schools are good too) and both eventually ended up in San Diego.

A few months ago one of our executive assistants (read secretary) went on maternity leave and lucky for us, Fink was available to step in a fill her spot. Well today was her last day, so after work a couple of us got together for a drink to say farewell. We're happy to have Danielle back but Sarah will definitely be missed.

Lucky for me we have a mutual friend.


  1. Finke is the best!!!! But you forgot the "e" on Finke, Kiptyn Rochester!!

  2. It was a play on words...or maybe I've never been able to spell.