Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Month

I've mentioned in this blog before that January is a very popular birthday month for my group of friends. A few years ago that made for a very busy January on the social calendar. Now-a-days though with so many of my friends busy with things that don't qualify for the "social" calendar, we try to consolidate a bit more. Like tonight for instance.

Tonight a bunch of the January birthday crew went over to our friend (and January b-day girl) Erin Dial's house for an all inclusive birthday dinner. It was perfect. Good food, good friends and a really good football game on TV. My plan for the picture today was to get all the birthday girls together in one photo with me...but I forgot. Worse yet, my photoshop software isn't working right now so I couldn't even fake it.

So instead you get me, Erin and a birthday lemon to represent all the other January b-day's. Hey when life hands you a lemon, take a picture, right?

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