Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Honey-Do List

One of the things you hear a lot from people who are new to unemployment is that they start to get bored pretty quickly, but not me. It's not like I have been sitting around worried about finding things to do in my downtime, you know? I figure I'm a pretty creative guy, I can fill a few hours during the day no problem.

To be fair though, being home in the middle of the day during the week is not like being home in the middle of the day on the weekend. For one thing there is nothing on TV and a man can only handle so much Facebook. There is also no one else around to waist time with. I can see how the isolation could start to get to people after awhile.

Lucky for me I have a wife that loves me and is concerned about my well being. I'm sure that is why she left me with a solid Honey-Do List today. What can I say...I got one of the goods ones.

Eat your heart out fellas.

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