Friday, January 13, 2012

Burger Renaissance

I know Mom, Baseball and Apple Pie have always gotten credit for being distinctly American, but I contest that Burgers are more popular then at least 2 of those 3...and maybe even all of them. Sorry Mom.

Of course just because something is popular doesn't necessarily means it's beloved, and burgers definitely fell into that category in the 90's and early 2000's. Somewhere between the back yard BBQ and Ronald MacDonald serving more then a billion of them, burgers got a bad wrap. But now all of that is behind us thanks to the emergence of the craft burger.

These days you can't swing a dead cat (again, sorry Mom) without hitting a new specialty burger restaurant. Grass feed beef and sweet potato fries have made the burger cool again. More then that...they've practically made it healthy!

But even with all the really great burgers out there today, my hands down favorite is still the Kilauea Burger from Islands. That's what was for lunch today...and might even be tomorrow. Now if I could just get Islands to take the calorie count off the menu I wouldn't hate myself so much.

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