Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mr. Resilient

When you have most of your days free like I currently do, you find yourself setting a lot of lunch dates. The problem is, that can get expensive if you're doing it everyday, so you need to be smart about. That usually means finding a place with some solid deals, which is a great strategy...for suckers.

If you really want to be resilient and continue to live the high life then you have to go to lunch with people who get paid to eat for a living...and can pay for your meal as well.

Enter Troy Johnson, food editor at San Diego Magazine.

Troy and I have known each other for a few years now and were even colleagues at Channel 4 back in the day. That ended when the show he was hosting, "Outta Left Field" got cancelled abruptly a few weeks before it's 2nd season was about to start. That cancellation came on the heels of his multi-Emmy Award winning show "Fox Rocks" getting cancelled as well. In the span of a few weeks Troy's professional world got turned on it's head.

So what did Troy do? He reinvented himself as a food writer and eventually parlayed that into hosting a national show on The Food Network. Pretty resilient if you ask me. That's why I asked him to lunch today, I wanted to hear his story and be reminded that often times what we think are endings, are actually great beginnings.

I still made him pay for lunch though.

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