Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Does This Button Do?

I was at Channel 4 today to collect my things, and more importantly, to pull my "save tapes" off the Channel 4 server. In order to accomplish that I had to go into the super secret server room (the SSSR to you and me) and plug my hard drive directly into the system. Other then feeling completely lost and a little out of place amongst all those fiber optics and patch cords, I had two other distinct feelings.

First I felt a little like James Bond breaking into some evil overlord's lair to hack into his super computer and discover his plans for holding the world hostage.

Second I felt a bit like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz looking behind the curtain. While all the sparkle and theatrics happens out on the set at Ch4, the real work is going on in the SSSR. It's not sexy work...just 1's and 0's buzzing around everywhere...but it is precise work. Which makes it even more surprising to me that they let a hack like myself in there at all.

Good thing I wasn't drinking a martini...which unfortunately makes me Dorthy I guess.

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