Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Debby Date Night

There are a lot of good things about not working...and one very bad thing. This post is about one of the good things...last minute dinner plans with my sister.

After a long day of doing inventory at work Debra needed a night out and I was there to answer the call...happily. You see I was in the middle of cleaning out my closet. Deciding which close were headed for Goodwill and which ones were going back on the hanger. Riveting stuff I assure you.

So we hit up Hip-Hop Sushi and then went to a movie...and it was a blast. We saw the new Mission Impossible flick, which was entertaining, and the sushi is always good at Hip-Hop Sushi, but the thing that was so nice was hanging with my sister. We are 8 years apart so at times growing up, we didn't have all that much in common. My freshmen year of college she was in 5th grade...I wasn't into Purple Dinosaurs and she didn't know what a keg stand was.

Now that she's 27 and I'm 35 though, the world is our oyster. Not only do we have tons in common now and everything to talk about, it turns out she's a pretty cool chick. Obviously I have known that for quite awhile now, but sitting with her tonight I couldn't help but think how proud I was to be her brother.

I love you Debby.


  1. Omg that made me cry reading it. I love you too.

  2. Funny. I completely understand where you are coming from, John, because my brother is also 8 years younger. It's been really good for me to hear Debra's perspective because it helps me with my own relationship with my bro!

  3. Jdub, very cool post. My sister and I are also 8 years apart and has taken a while to become friends but it's so worth it. You're so hip-hop!