Monday, August 9, 2010

The Crap Shoot

Maybe you don't consider yourself a gambler. Maybe Vegas isn't really your town. Perhaps games of chance don't really float your boat.

That doesn't mean you don't gamble. In fact, I know you gamble. We all do...we have to, it's the law.

Today I had jury duty and for the first time ever I got called to report to a courtroom. Depending on your disposition, I either won or lost my gamble today. Legally I'm not really sure if I'm allowed to tell you whether or not I got chosen to serve on the let's just say I have to report to the county court house tomorrow at 8:55.

Of course the key to gambling is never wager more then you can afford to lose, and when it comes to jury duty the currency is time. Lucky, or unlucky for me (again depending on your disposition), I've got plenty of credit at the Justice Casino.


  1. My jury duty summons came when I was 8mos pregnant with Jack. I waddled in, signed in and waddled back out. Perhaps "going into labor in a jury box" ranks up on the list of immediate dismissals with "my dad's a lawyer".

  2. I'm stuffing a basketball under my shirt next time.