Tuesday, August 31, 2010


As a sportscaster I work a lot of night's and weekends. I'm not complaining because when I'm at "work" that usually means I'm watching a game or talking to athletes. Still, quotes or not, work is work and when I'm there I'm not at home. So when I do get a night at the homestead, I enjoy it.

Tonight that meant nothing more then enjoying a cocktail on the couch while watching a little TV with the wife. I know, it doesn't sound sexy, but really even something as simple as that is a great time when you don't get to do it all that often.

I'm not saying I want to quit my job and become a telemarketer tomorrow, I'm just saying that a picture like this is pretty close to perfection if you ask me.


  1. A little blurry and Poltergeist-y, but we get the picture.

  2. "Get your shoes off the table!"-Mamma Chiz