Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dinning Details

My friend Julie and her husband Robbie, better known as Chef Julie and Chef Robbie, own a personal chef services company. Actually they own a couple of businesses, but for our purposes here I'm only talking about the one...Dining Details.

One of their chefs has just recently been hired away to be a personal chef for a lady in San Francisco, meaning Chef Julie and Chef Robbie need to find a replacement. When you want to buy a new car you take it for a test drive, same thing when you want to hire a new chef. Luckily for Megan and I we got to tag along for this test drive.

It's a pretty cool set up actually, the prospective chef shows up at the house, cooks his best meal in Julie and Robbie's kitchen and then serves us...just like he would if he was working for "Dinning Details". The end result is that we get to hang with a fun couple that we hardly get to see and no one has to step away to check that the fish is staying moist. Instead we all got to sit on the patio and enjoy the food, wine and weather.

I can see why it's a successful business.

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