Saturday, August 21, 2010

Football Season?

Look, I'll just say it...I'm not ready for football to start just yet. Sure last year when the Padres where 25 games below .500 I couldn't wait for the Chargers to start up, but this way.

Unfortunately the NFL doesn't really care what I think and they are moving ahead with their season. To that point, the Chargers prepared for their 2nd preseason game of the year by taking a trip to MCAS Miramar to do a walk through for all the Marines at the base. In all honesty, it's barely a walk's way more about saying thank you to the troops. The Charger Girls show up, the players give autographs and everybody posses for pictures.

I was there covering it for Channel 4 and did an interview with Malcolm Floyd...who is in line to replace Vincent Jackson this season now that Jackson is sitting out. Floyd is a great kid and a great athlete, I recommend you take him in your fantasy draft if you can. BTW, if you want to see a portion of the interview I did with him today, you can watch it on the 4sd website...check it out.

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  1. Good riddance to Jackson. Who in their right mind gives up 3.25 million for on year of service. Even Seattle, who needs a receiver desperately, said no to this @**. I will just mention this... Even the likes of a Chris Carpenter would take less in his career to even just reach the Bowl. VJ, you are now where near anyone to sit out for money, let alone a ring.
    "Players, Owners, Management... they all come and go...Only true fans stay forever..."