Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm a Big Fan

I'm not one to believe that "the government" in out there trying to control our lives by sustaining a campaign of fear on TV and in the news. Maybe it's because I work in that industry and I just understand that news directors want to appeal to the lowest common denominator and that's the reason they populate the evening news with death and destruction. It's not because some government official wearing a black suit and RayBan's told them to.

I guess the point is, I do believe in Global Warming and I do not subscribe to the theory that greenhouse gases are just something the government made up to scare us. That said, it's been a very mild summer in San Diego this year and luckily we haven't had to us our ceiling fans much this year. I say luckily because as you may remember, I broke the one in our bedroom a few weeks ago. Well just in time for our mini heat wave, the replacement blades came in and we are officially back in business.

Even better news, I'm not aloud to make the bed anymore.

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