Sunday, August 15, 2010


Just like Heidi and Spencer, my wife Megan and I strutted our stuff on the Laguna Beach boardwalk this weekend. Though instead of a camera crew following us around while we acted like a couple of douches, I had to ask some nice lady to take our picture and we were generally pretty polite...but other then that it was exactly like "The Hills".

Even though Laguna Beach is just slightly more then an hours drive from San Diego, I hadn't really ever been there before and this was definitely Megan's first trip. We loved it!

Yeah it's a tourist trap and sure the traffic and parking were tough, but once you start walking around it's great. There are a ton of good little restaurants and fun little shops. To tell you the truth it reminded me a lot of my home town of Coronado. Maybe that's why we both liked it so much. It also didn't hurt that we got a great recommendation from our chiropractors Dr. Ron and Dr. Mary on a place to eat either.

All in all it was great day and we even got some sunshine. Perfect.

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