Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Old Glory

I'm probably not the most patriotic person around...what am I saying, of course I'm not the most patriotic, but I'm pretty sure I hated the Russians just as much as anyone else after watching "Red Dawn" as a child.

The point is, regardless of where I fall on the great patriotic spectrum I really like flying the American Flag everyday at my house, and I'm not sure why. Obviously (and yeah I'm probably a little bias) it's a great looking flag, but I also like what it stands for...our country. I know that's not profound or anything, and I realize that our country is pretty screwed up in places, but we're also pretty good in a lot of places too.

Whatever, it's not a political blog, I'm just saying I like flying the flag at my place. Oh yeah, I really like Russians now too...privet.

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