Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's All for a Good Cause

The thing about charity work is that most of the time it is not glamorous. Most of the time it's gritty, down on your hands and knees, in the trenches kind of work that nobody ever hears about. Of course without that work nothing would ever happen.

Then there's the get dressed up in tight pants and funny shoes and go dancing kind of charity work.

Can you guess which kind I'm involved in?

The Malashock Thinks You Can Dance Charity fundraiser is this Oct. 9th at the North Park Theatre and tonight we went to a little mixer at John and Nina Malashock's house to learn more about the program and size up the competition.

So what did I learn? The Malashock dance foundation is all about providing opportunity to kids that would not normally have the chance to be exposed to dance and other performing arts...and Channel 8's Carlo Cecchetto is going to be tough to beat.


  1. So you think, so you think you can dance...excited to see this!!! Malashock is in Liberty Station; I just heard about this event...who knew my friend was going to be in it:) I love when my worlds collide!!

  2. Ohhhh.... I wouldn't get ahead of yourself with that! I think you're just sandbagging!
    Was great seeing you and I look forward to the big event!