Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost...You Bet I Am

One time for Christmas a few years ago I decided to buy Megan (who I was just dating at the time) a new DVD Player and a couple of DVD's for us to watch. Although I hadn't seen any episodes yet, I had heard that "Lost" was a good show, so I bought the first two seasons. Well the night before she was going to fly home for Christmas we had our gift exchange and decided to test drive the new DVD's.

Turns out watching an hour drama all about a plane crashing in the middle of nowhere the night before your girlfriend is about to get on a plane is not a great way to build a fan base. A few things happened that evening, first Megan decided she wasn't really into "Lost". Second, I fell in love with the show and third I got a couple extra Christmas presents because Megan never did take those DVD's home.

So after 6 years of some really great writing, character development, twists and turns, and more nerdy discussions about quantum physics and mythology then I care to admit, last night was the series finale of "Lost". It's weird, on the one hand it's great to have that sense of closure, but on the other hand you don't want it to end.

I haven't been this conflicted since Magnum P.I. went off the air in 6th grade. That was a great show too.

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