Monday, May 17, 2010

Sue Botos

Sue Botos is the Director of the Padres Foundation (the charitable wing of the Padres Franchise) and one of the most fun and energetic people I know. I don't like to play favorites...but she is my favorite Padres employee. David Eckstein is number 2.

Sue is the epitome of "spunky" and every time I see her she brightens my day. I can only assume that at sometime is her life she has been in a bad mood, but I have never met anyone who has actually seen her angry or upset. Maybe her husband Doug has...but he's not talking.

Sue is not always down on the field before games (she was there with Children's Hospital today) so when I saw her this afternoon I was definitely excited. She is the type of person you're glad that you know because she brings the best out of the people around her. Every room she walks in is brighter, every person she meets can't help but smile and her heart is as big as Ohio.

That's why she is so good at her job and why I am so happy to call her a friend.

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