Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I was standing on my roof this evening taking pictures of the sunset when I heard my neighbor Gracie call my name. No big deal except that Gracie is my buddy Josh's 2 yr old daughter. She's right at that point where she is about to explode with words. You can just tell. She understands everything you say and is adding more and more words to her repertoire everyday.

For now she can say Megan and John pretty darn well and I love it. You remember Uncle John: King of the Kids, right? The only thing better then being able to make a kid smile or laugh, is being able to hand them back to their parents if they start to cry.

Well Gracie was in no mood to cry so I scampered off the roof as quick as I could to come say hi. When I did she took a liking to my glasses, and from there it didn't take long for me to ditch the idea of making the sunset my pic of the day.

I mean come on...she's even wearing a pink leopard print.


  1. As a teacher of young children I love it when
    the kids say my name for the first time.

  2. How in the world were you home in time for sunset? Weren't you at the ballpark??? I know it was you we spoke to during bp. Add bilocation to your resume!

  3. I'm quick like that, what can I say?