Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Friday Night: Hi-Low Tournament

Hi-Low is a simple card game with sometimes not so simple consequences.

The concept is easy, the dealer turns over 2 cards and you have to decide whether the next card flipped over will fall in between the 2 that are face up. You can bet or elect to pass. If you pass, then 2 more cards are flipped over for the next guy and the decision is his. If you decided to bet, you can wager any amount up to the value of the current pot. If you win, you take that money out of the pot. If you lose, you put it on the table and the pot grows.

Where it gets interesting is if someone hits the post...then you owe double your wager. For example, let's say the pot is $20. You get a King and 3 and decided to bet the pot. The next card turned over ends up being another King. Now you owe the pot $40 and all of a sudden there's $60 on the table.

I've heard stories of $1,200 pots with $700 I.O.U's written on the back of paper plates. In order to avoid that on our trip we made a rule that you had to have enough cash on you to cover twice whatever your bet was. It's a good thing too, because my buddy Karl hit the post twice on the biggest pot of the night.

He got a King - 3 on a $103 pot and edged, bringing the pot to $309. A few rounds later he got another good spread and bet $60. He hit the upright again and had to throw in another $120. Now I realize in Vegas that $429 pot is really not that much, but when you're camping next to a river and there is nothing but cold hard cash on the table...that's a lot of money.

That is also the reason I was all-time dealer. The best part is I actually got tipped out $14 for the night.

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