Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Footlong? Why Yes, Thank You.

So yeah, I'm eating again in another local commercial for Channel 4. Apparently the people from Subway liked our Round Table Pizza commercial so much that they decided they wanted in on the action. Can't say I blame them, I mean look at that convincing acting.

By the way, for everyone out there who has seen our first spot, relax I let Bob have some food this time's Jenny who gets screwed. *Spoiler alert...Bob and I steal her sandwich while she is on location. I mean you just can't right that stuff. It's gold!

We shot the spot this afternoon so I would guess it will be on our air fairly soon. Maybe this weekend for the Padres - Dodgers series. Now if that's not a reason to watch then I don't know what is. I mean sure the Padres are in 1st place...but Bob and I steal Jenny's sandwich while she is on location. Hilarious!


  1. I love the Round Table commercial! I am looking forward to seeing the Subway commercial. It sounds like it is hilarious.

  2. My favorite part is it's sandwiches... PLURAL. Like I would ever eat 2 foot long subs by myself. Oh wait... I think I did that day.
    signed- office bear